There are many issues that you should work outside your music as the SEO of your website. The good news is there is Music Marketing to help you deal with issues like this. I will answer many of the questions that I have been asked about seo specialist gold coast.


What is SEO? Are the acronyms of Search Engine Optimization that in Spanish means Optimization of your Website in Search Engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo to mention the main.

What does SEO do? SEO is what makes a person, according to their interests, find your website in the search engines.

How can you help my music? Helps you to be visible in the search engines and be discovered by the right people or in other words your ideal fan.

How does it work? For it to work you have to establish which are the keywords of your music and add them to the name and description in the meta data of your website. You do not need a webmaster to do this, many blog providers automatically configure it once you enter the blog name and description.

What are my keywords? Your keywords are your artistic name, the country where you live, your slogan, your musical genre, the names of your songs and the description of your music. If you have a badge, elements that define your brand and the characteristics of your ideal fan are keywords you can use as well. For more information read Do you know that your music is a brand? .

If you do not know the characteristics of your ideal fan I recommend that you download my ebook Estudio del Fan Ideal . It’s free.

Follow these tips as a guide to establishing your SEO:

  • Make a list of the keywords that identify your music.
  • Write a short paragraph explaining what your music consists of but contain the keywords and include it where the description of your website goes.
  • In the name or title of the website you are going to put your artistic name and optional you can also put your slogan or your country and musical genre. For example: Raymond Zayas – Puerto Rico Musical Marketing.
  • Label the photos you upload to your website correctly. In the properties of the image add a title, description and in the comments area you put your url.
  • You constantly have to publish content on your website and on the tags you put the keywords that your ideal fan will identify with your music.
  • Over time you will discover new keywords that may be potential to define your music. Remember to update your SEO with those words.

Benefits of listening to music for health

Music ignites our emotions through varied memories. Listening to music is one of the few activities that involve the use of the whole brain. It is intrinsic to all cultures and can have surprising benefits by listening to it. Discover below what are the benefits of listening to music for health.

Effective for pain

Some of the benefits are that listening to music can reduce chronic pain from a variety of painful conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis , up to 21% and depression up to 25%, according to studies.

Music therapy is increasingly being used in hospitals to reduce the need for medication during labor, to decrease postoperative pain, and to supplement the use of anesthesia during surgery. All this happens because music serves as a distractor, gives a sense of control and causes the body to release endorphins to counteract pain. In addition, slow music helps to decrease breathing and heart rate, avoiding the feeling of distress. You can refer here at essendon chiropractor.


Reduces blood pressure

When listening to soothing music in the morning and afternoon, people withhigh blood pressure can train yourself to lower your blood pressure and keep it down.  According to research by the American Society of Hypertension in New Orleans, listening to just 30 minutes of classical, celtic or raga music every day can significantly reduce high blood pressure.

Accelerates recovery after having a stroke

A daily dose of one of your favorite melodies is pop, classical or jazz music can accelerate the recovery of debilitating bleeding or paralysis, according to the latest research.  When patients with stroke listen to music for a couple of hours each day, verbal memory and attention span improves significantly.

Chronic headaches and migraine

Another benefit of music is that it can help those who suffer from migraine !   It also helps to combat chronic headache and reduce the intensity, frequency and duration of headaches.

Increase your immunity

Scientists explain that music can create a positive and deep emotional experience, which leads to the secretion of the hormones of immune stimulation.  This contributes to a reduction in the factors responsible for the disease.  Listening to music or singing can also lower levels of cortisol, the hormone-related stress. Higher levels of cortisol may lead to a decrease in the immune response.

Increases memory performance, learning and IQ

Studies have confirmed that listening to music or playing an instrument can really make you learn better.  Mozart and Baroque music activate the left and right brain. The simultaneous action of left and right brain maximizes learning and retention of information. The information being studied activates the left hemisphere, while music activates the right hemisphere of the brain. In addition, activities that attach to both sides of the brain at the same time, such as playing an instrument and singing, make the brain more capable of processing information.

Improves concentration and attention

Relaxing music improves the duration and intensity of concentration at all ages and skill levels.

Improves body movement and coordination

Music reduces muscle tension and body movement and improves coordination.  In addition, it plays an important role in the development, maintenance and restoration of physical function in the rehabilitation of people with movement disorders.



The Musical Walk through the Garden of the Island is a guided tour by botanical specialists and great connoisseurs of the history of the gardens.

It begins at 5:00 pm at the main door of the Parterre located in the central square of Rusiñol, next to the Bridge of Barcas on the Tagus River. It is limited to 250 people and is done in 6 different groups, each with its guide. The Parterre Garden, built by Philip V and commissioned by the French gardener Esteban Boutelou in 1727, is visited first. We also visit the private Garden of Philip II and later we enter the Garden of the Island, exemplary Renaissance garden that still Retains much of the design and original ornamentation.

Around 6:00 p.m., the first stop is made at Fuente de la Espina and the first short concert will take place, about fifteen minutes. Restart the walk to the bottom of the garden design melbourne visiting the fountains of Baco and Neptune, returning again by other roads to the Fountain of the Spine where towards 19h we will enjoy another brief concert to continue later to the Royal Palace Chapel where will take place Last part of the concert around 8pm.

Music. Cervantes awaits us in the Garden of the Island …

Francisco Orozco, Director of Prima Music, has taken as the starting point of this project the only Chante-fable (song, popular tale) that has reached our days. The Chante-fable was a Juglaresque genre that had its splendor in the French northwest of the early thirteenth century and consisted of the creation of small shows where prose, music and smoke were in the form of a multidisciplinary artistic retable full of vigor And colorful.

The Aucassin et Nicollete is the only work preserved in this Juglaresque genre and, in a way, is a replica of the Oriental legend of Floire et Blanchefleur whose origin is to be found in the Spanish Moorish world.

From this, say, ‘modality’ of facing a concert, Orozco and his musicians, present a show between music and literature in which, almost with a vision of journalistic chronicle, the public will know, Understanding and discovering the character that Prima Music has chosen for this project: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

The artistic license to present the concert under the parameters of a Chante-fable format, will allow, during the 70-minute concert, not only to listen to musical pieces that, for different reasons, are related to Cervantes, but That in addition to the spectator’s ear interesting information will come about part of the innumerable avatars that marked the exciting life of Cervantes that can contact us with the social, political and cultural realities that took place around the times in which Cervantes lived Of which, as is well known, we will fulfill the anniversary of the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016.

The artistic viability of this proposal is based on the proven capacity of Francisco Orozco musician, musicologist and actor) and the rest of the members of Prima Music have at the time of translating projects of this nature in which music, history and literature are In order to offer a show rich in nuances, freshness and connection with the public, the great objective that, a priori, always marks the presentations of Prima Music.

Sound Landscape

The prize is organized in memory of Carlos Pellegrino (1944-2015), a versatile and profound man, a holistic landscape architect, writer, art critic, sculptor, poet and musician.

In the landscape design created by the International Festival of Arts located in La Sabana , San Jose, Costa Rica found an intervention of urban space by RE projects , those involved in product design and which through this experimental space called “soundscape” bring together the different families of musical instruments under one place.


The intervention projects the idea of ​​an orchestra built with waste or recycled materials that produce different sounds when playing with them, which encourages the user’s creativity and in turn makes it possible to observe how certain elements recovered can be transformed into musical instruments.


The intervention is contrasted and integrated with the natural environment that surrounds it, which creates an atmosphere of awareness in the visitors, since being in a natural environment are called to practice more frequently activities friendly to the environment, making the intervention Not only in a playful space, but also in a point to reflect on our actions and what surrounds us resulting in a mixture, as mentioned by its creators, of ecological awareness, plastic and musical arts.

Carlos was a holistic landscapist, writer, art critic, sculptor, poet … a multifaceted man, deep as anyone. An enlightened being who called us to create the Latin American Union for the Landscape (ULAP); Principles, vision and essence that we have continued as his legacy. He was the inspiration for a Latin America united by the landscape … and we are replicating it with the Latin American Landscape Initiative (LALI).

We met Carlos 27 years ago on May 25, 1988 when in the company of Isidra Solari invited us to a meeting in the city of Salto Uruguay, whose objective was the creation of a group of Iberoamerican professionals for the Landscape, great thinkers already deceased Among others Roberto Burle Marx, Carlos Contreras, Fernando Chacel, Leandro Silva, others who still accompany us as John Stoddart, Rosa Grena Kliass, Alfonso Leiva, Ana Maria Fiore demo, Pradial Gutierrez, attest to this exceptional call.

Today his dream is a reality and I want to thank the Uruguayan colleagues and the Academy for supporting memory and legacy with the International Student Award Landscaping Carlos Pellegrino

The LALI is excited and supports this award that is in line with the principles that Carlos Pellegrino instilled in us “The landscape does not recognize borders and is a complex, integrating between bordering countries”

Carlos articulated us through the landscape; With its integral vision made us understand that the landscape is a channel of cultural transmission; A space of contact, exchange, knowledge, values ​​and identity; Scenario of multiple forms of social organization, productive systems and cosmovisions, a new DNA for Latin America.

We continue their legacy by working together in knots.

Creating a website for your band to work

how to create effective websites for musicians

This post will address the issue of how to create a website that works really for your music bandor musical project.

Most artists and record labels have a site web , but very few work proactively and dynamically.

A good site is one that is working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and doing everything you ask. When configured with this in mind, there is no limit to the force with which your website can work, or how many opportunities you can attract to your band or musical project.

There are cases incredibly creative artists who have used their websites iterándolos quickly * (*modifying ) using the motives of different T-shirt designs to find those places where vendors sold best to structure the tour using that valuable information provided by Google Analytics to understand what cities go.

In this post ideas try to make your web site work harder. While not all tips will be suitable for everyone, certainly in any case, be good for reflection.

First of all, the key to make your site web hardest worker, will take as a starting point   content management system (CMS)   and design , and from there, the advice given will be directed to your web work more effectively.

Basis for a good site web for a band or artist

There are some programs for decent websites, including several dedicated specifically for building web sites bands or artists.

However, the expert avoided. But why?

Programs and software to build web site bands are similar to those talent shows like X Factor and Operation. The nice thing is that they are a quick way to get what you want, ie your website with a decent look at a low price.

But as often happens with quick fixes, is that in the long term disadvantage is the lack of control and end up looking like many others who have used the same system .  There is nothing wrong with this, but if you want to that your website really work hard for you, there is more to do.

A better approach for building a website for a band or artist.

Many of us coincidmos bands that use  WordPress  as the hub of its web page. It’s completely free, and is used by more than 20 million websites. It has a slight learning curve, but worth the effort.

By using hébergement web Canada,  there are only two things you need to pay for  your web hosting  , and your  theme (theme) website  .

One of the best affordable web hosting provider I’ve found recently is BlueHost , they offer a free domain name and are the only hosting company recommended by WordPress. They also have a WordPress install button “one-click”, so that you can start your own website in minutes.

Once set up your web hosting, you have to find a good theme for your WordPress site. For this, surely you must choose one Responsive (display perfectly on any device such as PC, mobile, tablet …). You have a huge  list of responsive issues by clicking here .

Once the theme installed, all that remains is to add the content. Once you have done you’re ready to start making your website work hard for you.

The 10 best movies about music

william_almost famous

Music is a fundamental element in life. It is an essential tool for the film, they are two things that they go hand in hand and one complements the other, although the music has also been the basis of many films.
We are not talking about musical films, nor of films with a score or an exceptional soundtrack (which if not we could name only 5 films), nor we speak of films on the lives of various musicians, but that we are talking about movies whose center piece is the music as a theme – that also has cost us much work just reduce it to 5 , but neither mode which let 100-, it should be noted that we have left out documentaries, biographical movies concert give only to fiction films.
This is our best music films, all of them are available to watch Free Movies Online, or you can download to your PC in order to watch when you have no Internet connection at project free tv.
1. The Sound of Noise (Dir. Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson, 2010)
A group of musicians seeks to carry out his greatest work of art and create the perfect Symphony for the city, but to do so will have to make a series of illegal and nearly terrorist acts. Obviously, as a result of these acts become in the most sought after by the police, something that will hinder that they carry out their work. Will they make it?
It premiered in 2010 in Sweden and Norway and had to spend two years so that it could be seen in the rest of the world.

2.Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Click to watch Free Movies Online.

3. Empire Records (Dir. Alan Moyle, 1995)

A film which at the time was a failure, but that has gradually become a cult film.Empire Records is a record store, and the film focuses on a single day in this place.One of the employees loses the money from the sale; Joe, the Chief seeks to save theplace that both want to become part of a chain, a “pop star” that tries to rescue hiscareer sign autographs, a shoplifter teenager makes his appearance and all this whilethe staff deal with their own problems and music does not stop. You can see some familiar faces from very young.

4. No One Knows About Persian Cats (Dir. Bahman Ghobadi)

After leaving prison, deny and Ashkan seek to complete the alignment of his bandwhile touring the Iranian underground scene. The idea is to form a band to be able toplay in London, while also looking for get visas that will allow them to leave Tehran. Awonder to know the bands that make up the Iranian scene (where there are lawsagainst rock) through a music search.

5. Almost Famous (Dir. Cameron Crowe, 2000)

In 1973, William Miller seeks to become a music journalist and gets his first chancewith Rolling Stone covering the tour of Stillwater, a band that is gaining popularityrapidly. William is witness to how the band muddles through his rapid rise, excesses,the war of egos and life on the tour while he himself has to deal with this kind of lifeand his love for Penny Lane, a big fan of the band (is not a groupie, is a band aid). It is worth mentioning that also leaves Philip Seymour Hoffman neither more nor less thanas Lester Bangs.

Listen to the soundtrack of the film ’50 Shades of Grey ‘

The soundtrack of the film ’50 Shades of Grey ‘with the participation of artists like Beyoncé, Rolling Stones and Ellie Goulding.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2015 British-American erotic romantic drama film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson with a screenplay by Kelly Marcel. The film is based on the 2011 novel of the same name by British author E. L. James. It stars Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. Steele is a college graduate who begins a sadomasochistic relationship with young business magnate Grey.

The film premiered at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival on February 11, 2015, and had a wide theatrical release on February 13, 2015, by Universal Pictures. Despite mixed reviews, it was an immediate box office success, breaking numerous box office records and earning over $570 million worldwide. It is currently the seventh-highest-grossing film of 2015.

Its sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and 50 shades freed PDF, are scheduled to be released on February 10, 2017, and February 9, 2018 respectively.

The anticipated film ’50 Shades of Grey ‘on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 premiered at a special gala during the Berlinale. February 12th, theaters Ecuador are preparing to welcome fans room preview performances in the film.

Parallel to the screening of the film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and based on the bestselling novel by EL James, was released the official soundtrack. This is available on all digital platforms streaming and download.

A statement from Universal Music this is one of the “most important and ambitious soundtracks of the year” and was attended by renowned and famous artists like Ellie Goulding, Beyoncé, Rolling Stones, The Weekend, Annie Lennox, Jessie Ware and Frank Sinatra.

The bulletin mentions that several media define the soundtrack as the “hottest and sensual in recent times”. The single from the same named Love me like you do and was in charge of Ellie Goulding. The artist plans to release a new studio album, which will include the subject made for the film.

Think about the sound: the best books about music

The music does not usually associated with the literature. Except for some rare cases. The result can be wonderful – otherwise, we would be doing this list – or can be a complete disaster. I think to read music can help us to enjoy more music, understand it, so to speak, although there are many who believe that it must not understand the music but feel it. For my part, it seems to me that music requires a certain intellectual by the listener involvement, even when you are listening to the lowest and bizarre pop, and that, being part of the culture, requires that we problematicemos musicfrom time to time at least, if not to understand it, to understand ourselves.

The following books in this list are not fiction. We do not select novels, although we could have done it, with both fantastic book on the market. Speaking of the movie a few days ago, why not mention it: High fidelity, a novel that is a faithful portrait of the music lover unbearable and asocial.But also endearing. What have in common the books from the list that we have compiled tothematize the music in a different way. We try to be as varied as possible, adding up to critical theory, autobiographies and biographies. Some of the names of the authors will be familiar, while others may be completely new. The important thing is to discover. Finally, the idea is that we can bring us closer to the music in a holder that is not the traditional, in a way that is not the everyday. As always, if you have any suggestions with some title that can not miss, you can leave it in the comments.

Patti Smith – Just Kids

Patti Smith - Horses

When we named Patti Smith probably associated with this name of theGodmother of Punk. Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, author of countless classics, and more. And probably we remember also the lid of his most iconic album, Horses, where we can see it in their androgynous splendor. That picture is also one of the most recognized images of the laudeado American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, who had an incredible life of Smith influence when it still had no desire to devote himself to music, but it was chasing the dream of becoming a writer. This is the topic that made up Just Kids, an autobiographical manifesto published by Smith in 2010.

Just to clarify: this book is not on the list simply because it is written by Patti Smith. It is here because it is a fantastic title, where the author explores the depths of human relations through the complicated life that took too long next to Mapplethorpe, his confidant, lover, but first of all best friend. Devastated after his death in 1989, from complications caused by AIDS, he dedicated a book in the ‘ 96 called The Coral Sea. And now comes the second question or questioning: why include it in this list if it is to a large extent on a photographer, not a musician. Speaking of Mapplethorpe, Smith tells also her own life, because you are unable to do so without the presence of his friend. And in this journey, know early in the lyrical music of Smith, more poet than anything else, hisfirst steps in music, and also some magical moments in history, as the Chelsea Hotel, and themusic scene of New York in the ‘ 60s and ‘ 70s.

Nick Hornby – 31 Songs

Nick Hornby – 31 Songs

Nick Hornby, English author, is also responsible for behind the creation of Rob Fleming, the main character in High fidelity. Surely know it not only by this title, but also by books such as About a Boy, Fever Pitch – which already has two film adaptations – and his most recent title, Juliet, Naked. He was also in charge of the big screen adaptation of An Education, work that earned him a nomination for the Oscars. A considerable and extensive curriculum for a self-confessed music lover who always takes care of filtering some music in their manuscripts. The music is always a protagonist in a hidden plane in his novels. And, in addition, it has a first-hand relationship: is frequent collaborator of the band Marah, and also a controversial music critic that arouses the wrath of colleagues – as Simon Reynolds, who is also part of this list. In 2010, he worked to co-writing the album Lonely Avenue next to Ben Folds. So we can say that Hornby and music go together.

A little compiling your passion for music with his hand to writing, Hornby published in 2002 a collection of 26 essays curiously called 31 Songs, speaking, Yes, you guessed it, over 31 songs that changed his life, or at least caused you desire to sit down and write. In this book, Hornby wondered what are the reasons that a song is popular or catchy, and fundamentally, upon theemotional relationships that provide people with a song. For Hornby, the love for the music fails to understand but to feel, and perhaps in this many musical critics differ with him. 31 Songs, classics of Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, Santana and Bob Dylan, it analyses to songs more suitable for MTV as “I’m Like a Bird” by Nelly Furtado. Recommendation: preview each of these songs as we read the book.

Lester Bangs – Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung

Lester Bangs is probably the most renowned 20th-century rock critic. Many will know him by the interpretation of the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman in the film Almost famous, and although it was a good performance, the truth is that they do not seem too. That Yes: Bangs was explosive, irreverent and passionate about music, and that you can see all the work that left us. It is an inspiration to any music journalist who boasts, but we have to admit that the time in which he lived Bangs was suitable to make bloom a personality like yours. To become editor of Rolling Stone, Bangs sent a review of an album of MC5, asking that, if it was rejected, send you please the reasons. That was the kind of person who was.

But in addition, it was incisive with its respondents or victims. Didn’t believe in idolizing musicians, sin committed too many colleagues in the field. He died in 1982, of an overdose of drugs, in New York City. And six years later, a compilation with his best work was published under the name ofPsychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung: The Work of a Legendary Critic: rock’n ‘ Roll as Literature and Literature as rock’n ‘ Roll. In this book, we can find many of the publications that came out in the most important media where he worked, as the magazine Creem, where he also served as editor. Curious and striking interviews with Lou Reed are also included in volume, named thanks to an article of Bangs where sobreanaliza our profession.

The Alchemist (novel)

The Alchemist (Portuguese: O Alquimista) is a novel by Paulo Coelho first published in the year 1988. Originally written inPortuguese by its Brazilian-born author, it has been translated into at least 67 languages as of October 2009. An allegorical novel, the alchemist pdf follows a young Andalusian shepherd named Santiago in his journey to Egypt, after having a recurring dream of finding treasure there.

Simon Reynolds – Retromania

Simon Reynolds – Retromania

After Lester Bangs, another of the greatest critics of recent decades is Simon Reynolds. Author of reviews for Melody Maker, at the time one of the most important music magazines in Britain and competitor of the NME, but also author of The Guardian, The New York Times, and Rolling Stone, Reynolds has a writing style never before seen in music journalism, and it ended up inspiring a future generation – and that , no doubt, will continue to inspire. Takingelements of critical theory that emerged from the ashes of the structuralism, Reynolds not only listen to music, but rather thedissects with a whole battery of bibliography, being able to quote Derrida during a rehearsal of the post rock, or talking about the third wave of feminism while you take it apart and back together the most relevant female bands of the ‘ 90s.

What is positive and intellectual, also has it’s reactionary. If Bangs are the drunk guy who spits insults but truths, Reynolds is the all-knowing father. In this list we recommend his latest book,Retromania, whose subtitle says it all: “addiction pop to his own past“. And knowing all therevivals that we have been seeing in the last decade, may have reason, although it is a bit exaggerated. To put it in a nutshell. According to Reynolds, the truth is that there is nothing new in the pop and rock. The promise of change and revolutionary air that is breathed in for decades nowthey give way to the culture of the sample and of the readymade, where old sounds are recycled over and over again to look like something new. We can be in disagreement with the theory, but Retromania is a kind of manifesto where Reynolds dumps all his musical knowledge. And we can use it in a vicarious way. For those who are in Argentina or Latin America, some years ago published a compilation called After Rock, with some pivotal trials of Reynolds. It has no waste.

John Cage – Silence: Lectures and Writings

John Cage is one of the most important 20th century music theorists and composers. In a time where contemporary music seemed to be stagnating, Cage took the bull by the horns and was dispatched with his masterpiece, 4:33, which surely will know as the work of the silence. For Cage, one of the pioneers of indeterminacy – in music, as if it was chosen by random – and the use of non-traditional instruments, the silence was fundamental. He came to get into a Chamber of sound insulation where heard your heartbeat in your ears. But it also had a strong influence of Zen philosophy and Buddhist, using many Eastern instruments like the I Ching as a favorite for the composition.

At the time when Cage became interested by the silence, American art was also concentrating on nothing, with paintings in black and a decomposition of the form up to grotesque levels. But the silence was not what interested Cage, but the background noise. Having all his Orchestra performing “4:33″ in silence, attendees could hear everything that was going to her around. Silence is not what matters, but its illusory nature. This book is a collection of many lectures given by Cage in universities around the world, which speaks about silence, but also on the random concept that is about music, creative and controversial ideas, coming from one of the most brilliant minds who came out of the United States, at least when it comes to music.

Sylvie Simmons – I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen

Sylvie Simmons – I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen

We closed our list with a biography published recently, who gets one of the musical personalities having more weight in recent years. We are talking about, clear is, LeonardCohen. This man in black who is more poet than musician, but who knew how to sing with energy and enthusiasm. Cohen, born into a well-to-do family Jewish Montreal, Canada, but resident in New York, London, and Greece, citizen of the world, so to speak, just got into music after the 30, and was resident of the legendary Chelsea Hotel, which ended immortalizing in one of his songs. It is difficult to write about an artist, has a history as rich as his discography. But Sylvie Simmons does so in an impeccable way.

Keeping a linear narrative, Simmons begins with a panning family history of Leonard, the influence of his mother and his father, the way in which a Spanish taught him to play guitar without speak even a little English to later commit suicide in a mysterious way, and his approach to poetry, art which was long considered one of the most promising voices in his country. Through testimonies of Cohen, but also of the people who lived next to him all this time, Simmons recreates one of the most important lives of music, but also of art. It is a long but enjoyable reading book, and helps us tounderstand the voracious and immediate Cohen’s poetry, where the religious Scriptures are interwoven with carnal desires and aspirations mortal.

Melendi, all changes of look and the most versatile singer hairstyles

Melendi, con el pelo corto y con rastas en 2005, cuando empezaba a despuntar

From their first looks more casual to the more ‘serious’ (while always retaining a rebel image) last, Melendi has cultivated its own easily identifiable style and is characterized by comfort. The singer, more mature than ever before as we have seen in ‘Traveling with Chester’ along with Risto Mejido; on each occasion it surprises us with a new look with sponge for hair. Of course he can…

Short dreadlocked, extra long, with queue, on one side, with bangs… and now curly! Melendi always surprises us with its constant changes of look hair. The Asturian singer always has been able to boast a strong hair and (UN) care.

And is that, since it was made known, the Asturian singer has not stopped changing with more continual changes of look. Since its early years with dreads up to length with bangs who does well; until you reach the curly look Melendi will always leave us open-mouthed… And not only for their statements.

The ten best songs to enjoy marijuana

Music is the wife, the lover and the girlfriend of marijuana. Just married; no feeling.Deposit your busy body on the sofa, choose the appropriate grass, Liat with disks, cassettes, vinyl records, MP3 files and start the machine. The sounds are musical monsoons without space or time. Some of the songs deal with it then; the others are the best to enjoy it. Common denominator: Marijuana Detox guide. 

10. In the summer time


Song recorded in 1970 by the British band Mungo Jerry . It reached # 1 in various countries and still remains one of the single best-selling history. It is an ideal place to enjoy the song ganya and be seduced by its simple but extremely original rhythms. No buenrollismo to exceed it.

9. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35


The woman of rainy days’ of Bobby Dylan was rejected in some radios of United States and United Kingdom because they felt that encouraged drug use. Literally, the singer says “would not be just if everyone is placed”. The recording of the song has a kind of chorus permanently spontaneous partying and occasional laughter of the singer.

8. Astral Weeks


Escuchártelo typical flip album while flying with his astral sounds. The second album of Van Morrison , released in ’68, was not very successful but has since been recognized as one of the best in the history of pop. Eclectic cocktail of jazz, blues, folk, and classical music.

7. Legalize it


In this song reggae master Peter Tosh perfect for listening dealing marijuana and marijuana music: both parameters are merged. The anthem of the legalization in the Anglo world and in the world. Legalize it, do not criticize it.

6. Yerba del Rey


Protest song with the hypnotic voice of the Madrid Morodo . “Feel the power of the holy ground, how it rushes down your throat canceling negativity; feel the presence of His Majesty. ” A demonstration of canutero slang.

5. The End


Jimbo Song and  The Doors highly indecipherable that initially was about the breakup with his girlfriend Mary Werbelow. After many performance in a dive of Los Angeles, she became an anthem of closing more than ten minutes on any shamanic journey into the bowels of the universe and its consequent end. Travel to end brother, traveling.

4. Hits from the bong


It was missing a little bit of hip hop in this list. The Californian group Cypress Hill bursting neurons bong base. Not as a spiritual journey as above, rather a thug and lush based travel Son of a Preacher , Dusty Springfield. Another good song to enjoy the ganja .

3. Kaya


Bob Marley could not miss and although we could have put all their discography, this is the most cañamero Jamaican singer issue.  The album of the same name, was released in ’78 and preached love and marijuana rhythms and soft letters. “I need kaya now, because rain is falling,” reads this ode. And you imagine that means Kaya, right?

2. Because I Got High


Clasicazo actually quite modern because it was published on the Internet in 2001. Once circulated by the network became a success. Rapper issue also features a spontaneous chorus of fumetas laughing nonstop. Afroman a casually tells the deeds or deeds of an alter ego to joke that life is taken. However, despite the style buenrollista , the song is a pretty sad commentary on how marijuana can ruin your life if you exceed.

1. mandanga


The greatest of the greatest, José Luis Cantero “The Fary” . We did not hesitate a moment to give this well-deserved first place because, as he explains very well in this video: “You have to let thechavalotes walk like them Camelen if the kids camelan hit a little bleach or camelan to hit a little to the mandanga … well let them. “

The songs that make many men cry

‘ Everybody hurts’, r.e.m., is it causing more tears. Put this on your list of ten, and if you do not enterneces you is you’re harder than John Wayne. By ‘Rolling Stone’

Imagen principal de la noticia

“They are songs that emotionally very in touch and softens up to more hard men”. So Ellis Rich defines the list of the ten songs developed by the company that runs goodlifeforever, PRS for Music. To make this selection of themes have taken into account the views of users men and music specialists. Here’s the list:

1 Everybody hurts, r.e.m. With this title, everyone suffers, as to not make cry (and kicking). This is a version live with a novelty: after so much suffering, a Sonic storm is unleashed in the last minute. Michael Stipe is sensational with its cooing:


2 Tears in heaven, Eric Clapton.

3. Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen.
The truth is Yes: If someone is not excited with this song is that it is dead. This is a recent recording of 2009, with a female chorus that give the subject a roll very warm gospel. Despite the years, 75 have, Cohen’s voice sounds extremely deep. By the way, is passed all interpretation with his eyes closed. What jewel of man by God:

4. Nothing compares 2 U, of Sinead O’Connor.

5 With or without you, of U2.

The drugs don’t work, of The Verve. Ironic: yet what has gotten the kind of Richard Ashcroft comes to say on this subject that “the drugs don’t work and make you worse”. Ja. The case is that it is a pitiful and moving ballad. Conclusion: The Verve were something more thanBittersweet symphony:

7 Candle in the wind, of Elton John.

8. Streets of Philadelphia-Bruce Springsteen.

9 Unchained melody, Todd Duncan.
The oldest song in the list. It dates from 1955 the first interpretation of this classic tear, by the American baritone Todd Duncan. Then they could not resist interpreting it Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, The Supremes and a thousand more, including up to Smashing Pumpkins:

10. Angels, Robbie Williams. OK, gives a bit of shame to recognize to the Guy Williams take our sensitive side. But if you get rid of prejudices, this mystical ballad will make you sensiblon.

Rihanna was broken because of “stupid” accountant

The singer from Barbados stated that during the year 2009 the bad decisions of his assistant accountant meant you lost more than $ 9 million in a year.

The artist born in Barbados, Rihanna, said that a few years ago it went through an economic collapse, and blamed his counter to effective bankruptcy. This would have occurred the year 2009, when States, your “stupid accountant” made bad decisions and failed to help them manage their money.

One of the allegations of the “Umbrella” singer is that at the beginning of 2009 was held by 11 million dollars, and at end of the same year ended only with two. Next to this he adds that charge of your finances not advised it well by the end of that period doubled their spending, pushing it to a financial cliff.

Rihanna explains these nine million was spent in a House bordering the eight million dollars, purchase approved by your advisor. The biggest problem was generated when it had to liquidate housing losing two million in the process.

In addition to the bad advice and decisions of his advisers that his tour “Last Girl on Earth Tour” was losing money, which his accountant “never recognized him in the face”.

According to website Cloud bookkeeping, the company’s accountants BTW defends accusations saying that bankruptcy is because of the costs of the singer, and that the commissions that pocketed are part of a contract that she signed. The ultimate reference to the denunciation of the artist on the commissions of 22% they would have pocketed.

The interpreter aims to recover part of the money with the claim that I filed against the accounting firm.

Despite the hard time that passed the 2009, the singer has returned to amass a fortune, which is estimated at $ 43 million.

5 Ways To Launch Your New Album

Maybe that the music industry will make before very well defined guidelines for your drive to be able to launch. Today it is advisable to take certain steps, but often stays in recommendations. You can be the exception. Increasingly there are more artists who have achieved success with different strategies. The roads have diversified, there are now more alternatives. And, to a large extent, this is due to the technology.

Now you don’t have to wait months, or even years that seem an eternity to burn your disc. Write, hours in the Studio, choose the single, send it to radios, expect that the media call you, promote your CD… And start the entire process again.

The digital age allows a musician not need an Entourage or a huge marketing department to be creative with the promotion of his album. We will see marketing strategies that will give you ideas to create your own musical path. You can try it today with the resources you have at your fingertips. Imagination is powerful.

Eternal Launch

This strategy breaks radically with the conventional style that prevails in the music industry. No major would advise you to do so. But if you know to handle the situation and you have a community that is more and more addicted to your music can be a very effective way of fidelizarles. You can not be considered as an album because it is a continuous circle of your music without that time to mature a disk full. On a regular basis you’re publishing songs. For example, month to month or every three months.But be careful not to lose the rhythm of your music or try dying of success. The question that probably not all the songs that you launch are catchy enough to be singles and that sound continuously. But it is not the idea of this strategy. The key here is continuity. Brand your own times. Something reasonable that will allow you to achieve your goals without losing the quality of your music. It is best to draw you small marketing plans on a monthly basis. With a few very short-term goals. For example: < < get 25,000 reproductions of song X in March > > a plan for each song but is realistic with your limitations if you not desesperarás if you see that you not reach what you want and don’t forget to keep your fans interested. Pros:

  • Very handy and easy to follow.
  • You will not get bored or have times of maximum stress and other empty total.
  • Continuous hard work.
  • Make songs that most stick with the moment: originality.
  • Maintain the level of notoriety on a regular basis.
  • Avoid the fear to get your sales and interest of your fans.
  • Know the tastes of your fans quickly (if you prefer your acoustic or covers, etc.)
  • Flexible to change what doesn’t work.
  • Learn and adapt.

A band that follows is strategy is Pomplamoose is advisable especially for groups indie or musicians who just have just started their musical careers in social plataforrmas and online communities that want to be known. It is not only a work of constant musical production, they also must know how to listen and cater to the tastes of your audience to give them always what they are looking for.

Multiple Singles

The traditional strategy of the single is highlight a song like hitch to consume the rest of the album. But many artists have gone further with this philosophy. Now they try to many songs to the same level of power and with the same musical patterns (those that more work for your audience). It is issuing several songs in regular periods before releasing the album where are collected completely. The key is to pick an intense period of releases up to the final Fireworks that would be the entire disk. For example 6 weeks released a single every week, or the interval of time that will best work for your fans. Pros:

  • Extend the promotion of your album.
  • Keep the excitement and concentration on your drive.
  • Reward your audience voltage unless they lose interest.
  • Step by step objectives. For example, can say you to your fans < < if song X gets 30,000 retweets on Friday coming upload song Z > >
  • Take part in the process closely to your fans.

The Secret Launch

Following the processed that you led to Beyonce to record sales on iTunes without notice, without drums or cymbals in December 2013. Social networks pleasantly welcomed the musical surprise. Cons:

  • If you don’t have a settled community and nobody knows you can not carry out this strategy. It will not have the desired effect.
  • Not recommended for players who are in the early stages of his career.

You can try to introduce certain secret elements such as hidden songs in the album, shows surprise, covers certain platforms, etc.As Arcade Fire did when he played in a secret show under the name of “The Reflektors” to promote his new album reflector.Pros:

  • Give added value to your album
  • Reward and retain your more followers.
  • Know who are really your most loyal audience if you can cite under any conditions to your fans.
  • Know who wants you even when you have not given signs of life.
  • If it is well designed and executed the surprise you can cause the word of mouth and out in the media.


Make VIP sentr to your fans is a fashion that should be timeless. You can become temporarily and then releasing the album massively or giving more to those who really follow faithfully. There are various privileges, values that most can impact your fans: buy before the disc, hear a few days before the single, etc. Duft Punk, Beyonce, Skrillex have already used is strategy and ran them. Pros: No need to create own platforms or developing new applications. Use the resources that already exist and that your audience already feels familiar: direct and private Mail, hidden Videos on Calgary corporate video with keys for viewing, creating exclusive content for the brand that you sponsor, etc. You forget the great promotions to get your message. Something simple and natural can dazzle your fans alike.


If we look at this strategy the concept of single a little lost its essence. But very creative things you can do. He is that all the songs, all the album is full of singles. So there go dosing musical developments drop by drop. Lyrics, covers, only instrumental versions, ideas of songs, etc. Coldplay showed that the game of hide and seek can adapt to the promotion of a disc when she hid in different libraries around the world handwritten letters from his new album.


  • You keep the level of expectation for all promotion of the new album
  • Cause engagemente with your disk from the fans.
  • Add value to your album.



I am a musician so I get when someone comes out with that that musicians die of hunger, are drug addicts, lazy, womanizing and all these nonsense… that sometimes are true, but well nobody is perfect.

It is a beautiful profession, that leaves you many good things, and as one-touch passes in touch, there are plenty of free time. Time can be leveraged in other activities such as writing antics (ahem) or watch movies.

So today I bring you 7 Movie2k according to the collection of youtubeonfire that every musician who respects his profession must see before you die.Starting with…

7. Havana Blues (1995)


This is a Cuban movie of 2005 that asks the eternal question… ¿ ? Be true to your art or sell to the commercial?

Habana Blues tells the story of Ruy and Tito, two musicians and friends who are addressed by an international record company to sell your music outside of Cuba. However, the company asks them to make their lyrics more open and not so focused on daily life in Cuba. Tito is in favour, Ruy… you can!Behold the dilemma.

Personally, for me this is the best movie theme… Tattooed tears

6 Cross Roads (1986)


And that was how Daniel Sam discovered with Karate I wouldn’t get women.

I forbid you to if you want to think about Britney Spears film. Oh, hell NO!… and speaking of the devil, this film is about pacts with the devil and those pods.

The man from Karate Kid plays Eugene Martone, a young student of music who is tired of books and wants to continue learning musia, but on the street. Specifically “Blues”. This together with “Blind Dog Fulton Smoke House” Willie Brown depart on a trip to a crossroads in the middle of nowhere in Mississippi where legend has it that the idol of Eugene, the great Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil.

Also leaves Jaime Gertz. Information that sold many tickets in the 80´s.

The best of the tape… the Ralph Macchio and Steve Vai guitar duel. The part of Macchio was recorded by Ry Cooder, although the Karate Kid made its task to learn the movements such as they were, which has its merit.

5. School of Rock (2003)


Jack Black is Dewey, a musician failed that steals the identity of his roommate, enters as a substitute to a school, teacher kidnaps a bunch of fifth-graders, formed a rock band with them, makes them enter a band competition, wins the competition and waoooooo!… These are too many crimes in a single paragraph.


and with that face…

Looking at it on the friendly side, Dewey teaches children what for him is real music. It incites them to practice an instrument, to express themselves artistically and leave it all on the stage. In that nowhere is bad. By Jack Black to at least I contributed something to society.

SPOILER ALERT * the end song is epic.

4 rock Star (2001)


Produced by George Clooney and starring Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg a.k.a. clone of Matt Damon.This movie has one of the most powerful soundtracks that you can find in the cinema.

The film tells us the story of Chris Cole, a copier technician, singer and obsessed fan of the fictitious band Steel Dragon that gets the work of singer leader of the band of his dreams after a hearing. Fact that happened in real life to Tim “Ripper” Owens when he was chosen to replace Rob Halford in the band Judas Priest.

The film is addictive for every musician who has ever dreamed of living the life of a Rock Star. Sex, drugs, Rock and Roll, Orgies, venereal diseases, and one to another confusion…


“and it has bigger than yo…”

Here is the trailer for this basin

And Napa, which for me is one of the best scenes of this film. The hearing and the theme “We all die Young”.


3. la Bamba (1987)


I don’t remember the number of times that I’ve seen this film, but I can assure you that the number is unhealthy. Every time you put it I see it and at the end Ritchie dies, upss, SPOILER.

The film tells the life of Ritchard Valenzuela, a young musician of Mexican descent who changed its name to Ritchie Valens to enter more easily the music game on the Los Angeles circuit. Ritchie manages a string of successes that placed it in the taste of the listeners, but it is La Bamba, a Mexican folk song that takes you to the top of the national charts.

Parallel to the life of Ritchie also the life of his half brother Bob, shows what makes an interesting mix between the life of the good son and bad son, pure blown gringas, but it works.

Here are the best of the film, the song “La Bamba” played by Lou Diamond Phillips but recorded by Los Lobos.

2. eleven (2006)


No other film has been able to show the life of the musician that is independent in its pure State as eleven. Here “Guy” an Irish Street musician meets an immigrant Czech seller of flowers only knows who in the film as “Girl”. This happens in Grafton Street, a street crowded in Dublin, Ireland.

Girl learns that in addition to musician Guy also repairs vacuum cleaners. In this emphasis you repair yours to what Guy accepts. To bring your vacuum cleaner to Guy, Girl says that she also composes and makes music. Together go through a music store where Guy shows you one of his compositions, “Falling Slowly”. The rest of the film makes us to be part of a whole week of composition, essays and musical exchange between these two characters that are gradually feeling more and more United. Now I put all honeyed, better leave you with the trailer.

Here I give you “Fallin’ Slowly”, winning song of the Oscar and one of those tunes that calm me when I put all wild.

1 Amadeus (1984)


A work of art. It is a film that has it all. Music, wonderful performances, spectacular costumes, locations of dream, etc, etc, gets up to psychedelic at some point. There are 3 hours in which we will see the rise and fall of one of the first pop stars of the musical world. Wolfang Amadeus Mozart told from the point of view of his rival (although Mozart you worth a cucumber) Antonio Salieri.

The film is an adaptation of the play written by Peter Shaffer and has within its storyline: fiction mixed with real facts. All this made Amadeus a feast for the senses.

He won 8 Oscars of 11 who was nominated and the effect that causes after seeing it goes from pure inspiration for composers to desire to go on stage and destroy to the wildest musicians.

The best of this film… the laughter of Mozart

Insurance left me a couple of films out, leave a comment with your opinions for you what movies that no musician can be overlooked? And if you’re not a musician, just as worth seeing them all.



  1. Đ›ÑŒÑŽĐ¸Ñ Đ¿Ñ€Đ¾Ñ‚Đ¸Đ² Đ²Đ¾Đ·Đ²Ñ€Đ°Ñ‰ĐµĐ½Đ¸Ñ ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ½Đ° X Factor


    Đ›ÑŒÑŽĐ¸Ñ Đ¿Ñ€Đ¾Ñ‚Đ¸Đ² Đ²Đ¾Đ·Đ²Ñ€Đ°Ñ‰ĐµĐ½Đ¸Ñ ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ½Đ° X Factor

    Đ›ÑŒÑŽĐ¸Ñ Đ¥ÑĐ¼Đ¸Đ»ÑŒÑ‚Đ¾Đ½ (Lewis Hamilton) Đ½Đµ Ñ…Đ¾Ñ‡ĐµÑ‚, Ñ‡Ñ‚Đ¾Đ±Ñ‹ ĐµĐ³Đ¾ Đ´ĐµĐ²ÑƒÑˆĐºĐ° ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ¨ĐµÑ€Đ·Đ¸Đ½Đ³ĐµÑ€ (Nicole Scherzinger) Đ²Đ¾Đ·Đ²Ñ€Đ°Ñ‰Đ°Đ»Đ°ÑÑŒ Đº Ñ€Đ°Đ±Đ¾Ñ‚Đµ Đ½Đ° Đ±Ñ€Đ¸Ñ‚Đ°Đ½ÑĐºĐ¾Đ¹ Đ²ĐµÑ€ÑĐ¸Đ¸ ÑˆĐ¾Ñƒ The X Factor. Об ÑÑ‚Đ¾Đ¼ ÑĐ¾Đ¾Đ±Ñ‰Đ°ĐµÑ‚ Đ³Đ°Đ·ĐµÑ‚Đ° Mirror, ÑÑÑ‹Đ»Đ°ÑÑÑŒ Đ½Đ° Ñ‡ĐµĐ»Đ¾Đ²ĐµĐºĐ°, Đ±Đ»Đ¸Đ·ĐºĐ¾Đ³Đ¾ Đº Đ¿Đ°Ñ€Đµ.

    Đ§Đ¸Ñ‚Đ°Ñ‚ÑŒ Đ´Đ°Đ»ÑŒÑˆĐµ →

  2. Đ’Đ¸Đ´ĐµĐ¾-Ñ‡Đ°Ñ‚ с, ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ¨ĐµÑ€Đ·Đ¸Đ½Đ³ĐµÑ€, Đ‘Ñ€Đ¸Ñ‚Đ½Đ¸ Đ¡Đ¿Đ¸Ñ€Ñ и ĐœĐ°Đ¹Đ»Đ¸ Đ¡Đ°Đ¹Ñ€ÑƒÑ




    Đ’ Đ½Đ¾Ñ‡ÑŒ ÑĐ¾ Đ²Ñ‚Đ¾Ñ€Đ½Đ¸ĐºĐ° Đ½Đ° ÑÑ€ĐµĐ´Ñƒ (24 Đ°Đ¿Ñ€ĐµĐ»Ñ) Đ¿Ñ€Đ¾Đ²ĐµĐ´Ñ‘Ñ‚ Đ²Đ¸Đ´ĐµĐ¾-Ñ‡Đ°Ñ‚ Đ² Đ¿Đ¾Đ´Đ´ĐµÑ€Đ¶ĐºÑƒ ÑĐ²Đ¾ĐµĐ³Đ¾ Đ½Đ¾Đ²Đ¾Đ³Đ¾ Đ°Đ»ÑŒĐ±Đ¾Đ¼Đ° "#willpower". Đ’ Đ²Đ¸Đ´ĐµĐ¾-Ñ‡Đ°Ñ‚Đµ Ñ‚Đ°ĐºĐ¶Đµ Đ¿Ñ€Đ¸Đ¼ÑƒÑ‚ ÑƒÑ‡Đ°ÑÑ‚Đ¸Đµ ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ¨ĐµÑ€Đ·Đ¸Đ½Đ³ĐµÑ€, ĐœĐ°Đ¹Đ»Đ¸ Đ¡Đ°Đ¹Ñ€ÑƒÑ и Đ‘Ñ€Đ¸Ñ‚Đ½Đ¸ Đ¡Đ¿Đ¸Ñ€Ñ.

    Đ§Đ°Ñ‚ Đ½Đ°Ñ‡Đ½ĐµÑ‚ÑÑ Đ² 2:15 Đ¿Đ¾ ĐšĐ¸ĐµĐ²Ñƒ / Đ² 3:15 Đ¿Đ¾ ĐœĐ¾ÑĐºĐ²Đµ Đ½Đ° ÑÑ‚Ñ€Đ°Đ½Đ¸Ñ†Đµ

  3. LL Cool J – Something About You (Love the World) [feat. Charlie Wilson, Melody Thornton & Earth, Wind & Fire]


    LL Cool J – Something About You (Love the World) [feat. Charlie Wilson, Melody Thornton & Earth, Wind & Fire]

    ĐœĐµĐ»Đ¾Đ´Đ¸ (Melody Thornton) Đ¿Đ¾ÑĐ²Đ¸Đ»Đ°ÑÑŒ Đ½Đ° Đ½Đ¾Đ²Đ¾Đ¼ Đ°Đ»ÑŒĐ±Đ¾Đ¼Đµ Ñ€ÑĐ¿ĐµÑ€Đ° LL Cool J "Authentic". ĐžĐ½Đ° Đ¿Ñ€Đ¸Đ½ÑĐ»Đ° ÑƒÑ‡Đ°ÑÑ‚Đ¸Đµ Đ² Đ·Đ°Đ¿Đ¸ÑĐ¸ ĐºĐ¾Đ¼Đ¿Đ¾Đ·Đ¸Ñ†Đ¸Đ¸ Đ¿Đ¾Đ´ Đ½Đ°Đ·Đ²Đ°Đ½Đ¸ĐµĐ¼ "Something About You (Love the World)".

    На Ñ‚Ñ€ĐµĐºĐµ Ñ‚Đ°ĐºĐ¶Đµ Đ¿Ñ€Đ¸ÑÑƒÑ‚ÑÑ‚Đ²ÑƒÑŽÑ‚ Đ·Đ½Đ°Đ¼ĐµĐ½Đ¸Ñ‚Ñ‹Đ¹ Đ Đ½Đ‘-Đ¿ĐµĐ²ĐµÑ† Charlie Wilson и Đ»ĐµĐ³ĐµĐ½Đ´Đ°Ñ€Đ½Đ°Ñ Đ³Ñ€ÑƒĐ¿Đ¿Đ° Earth, Wind & Fire. ĐžĐ¿Ñ‹Ñ‚ Ñ€Đ°Đ±Đ¾Ñ‚Ñ‹ с Ñ‚Đ°ĐºĐ¸Đ¼Đ¸ Đ¸Đ¼ĐµĐ½Đ¸Ñ‚Ñ‹Đ¼Đ¸ Đ¼ÑƒĐ·Ñ‹ĐºĐ°Đ½Ñ‚Đ°Đ¼Đ¸ Đ½ĐµÑĐ¾Đ¼Đ½ĐµĐ½Đ½Đ¾ ÑĐ²Đ»ÑĐµÑ‚ÑÑ Đ¾Đ³Ñ€Đ¾Đ¼Đ½Ñ‹Đ¼ Đ¿Đ»ÑŽÑĐ¾Đ¼ Đ´Đ»Ñ ĐœĐµĐ»Đ¾Đ´Đ¸.

    Đ§Đ¸Ñ‚Đ°Ñ‚ÑŒ Đ´Đ°Đ»ÑŒÑˆĐµ →

  4. 19 Đ°Đ¿Ñ€ĐµĐ»Ñ — Đ”ĐµĐ½ÑŒ ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ¨ĐµÑ€Đ·Đ¸Đ½Đ³ĐµÑ€


    19 Đ°Đ¿Ñ€ĐµĐ»Ñ - Đ”ĐµĐ½ÑŒ ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ¨ĐµÑ€Đ·Đ¸Đ½Đ³ĐµÑ€

    ĐžĐºĐ°Đ·Ñ‹Đ²Đ°ĐµÑ‚ÑÑ у ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ ĐµÑÑ‚ÑŒ ÑĐ¾Đ±ÑÑ‚Đ²ĐµĐ½Đ½Ñ‹Đ¹ Đ¿Ñ€Đ°Đ·Đ´Đ½Đ¸Đº! 19 Đ°Đ¿Ñ€ĐµĐ»Ñ Đ¾Ñ„Đ¸Ñ†Đ¸Đ°Đ»ÑŒĐ½Đ¾ Đ¿Ñ€Đ¸Đ·Đ½Đ°Đ½ Đ´Đ½Ñ‘Đ¼ ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ¨ĐµÑ€Đ·Đ¸Đ½Đ³ĐµÑ€ Đ² ĐµÑ‘ Ñ€Đ¾Đ´Đ½Đ¾Đ¼ Đ³Đ¾Ñ€Đ¾Đ´Đµ Đ›ÑƒĐ¸ÑĐ²Đ¸Đ»Đ»Đµ, ÑˆÑ‚Đ°Ñ‚ ĐšĐµĐ½Ñ‚ÑƒĐºĐºĐ¸.

    "Đ’ ÑÑ‚Đ¾Ñ‚ Đ´ĐµĐ½ÑŒ Đ²Ñ‹ Đ´Đ¾Đ»Đ¶Đ½Ñ‹ Đ´Đ°Ñ€Đ¸Ñ‚ÑŒ Đ»ÑŽĐ´ÑĐ¼ Đ»ÑŽĐ±Đ¾Đ²ÑŒ и ÑĐ´ĐµĐ»Đ°Ñ‚ÑŒ Ñ‡Ñ‚Đ¾-Ñ‚Đ¾ Ñ…Đ¾Ñ€Đ¾ÑˆĐµĐµ," - Đ³Đ¾Đ²Đ¾Ñ€Đ¸Ñ‚ ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ.

  5. Đ£ ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ½Đ¾Đ²Ñ‹Đ¹ Đ¼ĐµĐ½ĐµĐ´Đ¶ĐµÑ€ Đ² Đ¡Đ¨Đ?


    Đ£ ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ½Đ¾Đ²Ñ‹Đ¹ Đ¼ĐµĐ½ĐµĐ´Đ¶ĐµÑ€ Đ² Đ¡Đ¨Đ?

    ĐŸĐ¾Ñ…Đ¾Đ¶Đµ, у ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ½Đ¾Đ²Ñ‹Đ¹ Đ¼ĐµĐ½ĐµĐ´Đ¶ĐµÑ€ Đ² Đ¡Đ¨Đ. Đ•Đ³Đ¾ Đ·Đ¾Đ²ÑƒÑ‚ ĐœÑÑ‚Ñ‚ÑŒÑŽ Đ—ĐµĐ¹Đ´Đ¼Đ°Đ½ и Đ¿Đ¾Đ¼Đ¸Đ¼Đ¾ ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ¾Đ½ Ñ€Đ°Đ±Đ¾Ñ‚Đ°ĐµÑ‚ с Đ‘Ñ€Đ¸Ñ‚Đ½Đ¸ Đ¡Đ¿Đ¸Ñ€Ñ, ĐĐ²Ñ€Đ¸Đ» Đ›Đ°Đ²Đ¸Đ½, ĐœĐ°Đ¹Đ»Đ¸ Đ¡Đ°Đ¹Ñ€ÑƒÑ и

    Đ§Đ¸Ñ‚Đ°Ñ‚ÑŒ Đ´Đ°Đ»ÑŒÑˆĐµ →

  6. Đ”Đ¶ĐµÑÑĐ¸ĐºĐ° Ñ€Đ°Đ±Đ¾Ñ‚Đ°ĐµÑ‚ Đ½Đ°Đ´ Đ½Đ¾Đ²Ñ‹Đ¼Đ¸ Đ¿ĐµÑĐ½ÑĐ¼Đ¸



    Đ”Đ¶ĐµÑÑĐ¸ĐºĐ° Đ¿Ñ€Đ¾Đ´Đ¾Đ»Đ¶Đ°ĐµÑ‚ Đ°ĐºÑ‚Đ¸Đ²Đ½ÑƒÑŽ Ñ€Đ°Đ±Đ¾Ñ‚Ñƒ Đ² ÑÑ‚ÑƒĐ´Đ¸Đ¸ и Đ¿Đ¾ÑÑ‚Đ¾ÑĐ½Đ½Đ¾ Đ·Đ°Đ¿Đ¸ÑÑ‹Đ²Đ°ĐµÑ‚ Đ½Đ¾Đ²Ñ‹Đµ ĐºĐ¾Đ¼Đ¿Đ¾Đ·Đ¸Ñ†Đ¸Đ¸. Đ¡ĐµĐ³Đ¾Đ´Đ½Ñ у Đ½ĐµÑ‘ Đ¿Ñ€Đ¾Ñ…Đ¾Đ´ÑÑ‚ Ñ†ĐµĐ»Ñ‹Ñ… Đ´Đ²Đµ ÑÑ‚ÑƒĐ´Đ¸Đ¹Đ½Ñ‹Ñ… ÑĐµÑÑĐ¸Đ¸.

    Đ§Đ¸Ñ‚Đ°Ñ‚ÑŒ Đ´Đ°Đ»ÑŒÑˆĐµ →

  7. GRL — Đ½Đ°Đ·Đ²Đ°Đ½Đ¸Đµ Đ½Đ¾Đ²Đ¾Đ¹ Đ³Ñ€ÑƒĐ¿Đ¿Ñ‹ Đ Đ¾Đ±Đ¸Đ½ ĐĐ½Ñ‚Đ¸Đ½


    Đ Đ¾Đ±Đ¸Đ½ ĐĐ½Ñ‚Đ¸Đ½ Đ¿Đ¾Đ´Ñ‚Đ²ĐµÑ€Đ´Đ¸Đ»Đ° Đ½Đ°Đ·Đ²Đ°Đ½Đ¸Đµ ÑĐ²Đ¾ĐµĐ¹ Đ½Đ¾Đ²Đ¾Đ¹ Đ³Ñ€ÑƒĐ¿Đ¿Ñ‹. ĐšĐ¾Đ»Đ»ĐµĐºÑ‚Đ¸Đ², ÑĐ¾ÑÑ‚Đ¾ÑÑ‰Đ¸Đ¹ из ĐĐ°Ñ‚Đ°ÑˆĐ¸ Đ¡Đ»ÑĐ¹Ñ‚Đ¾Đ½, Đ­Đ¼Đ¼Đ°Đ»Đ¸Đ½ Đ­ÑÑ‚Ñ€Đ°Đ´Ñ‹, Đ›Đ¾Ñ€ĐµĐ½ Đ‘ĐµĐ½Đ½ĐµÑ‚Ñ‚, Đ¡Đ¸Đ¼Đ¾Đ½ Đ‘Đ°Ñ‚Ñ‚Đ» и ĐŸĐ¾Đ»Ñ‹ Đ’Đ°Đ½ ĐžĐ¿Đ¿ĐµĐ½, Đ±ÑƒĐ´ĐµÑ‚ Đ½Đ°Đ·Ñ‹Đ²Đ°Ñ‚ÑŒÑÑ GRL.

    Đ”ĐµĐ²ÑƒÑˆĐºĐ¸ Ñ‚Đ°ĐºĐ¶Đµ Đ¸ÑĐ¿Đ¾Đ»Đ½Đ¸Đ»Đ¸ Đ°ĐºĐ°Đ¿ĐµĐ»ÑŒĐ½Đ¾ Đ½ĐµĐ±Đ¾Đ»ÑŒÑˆĐ¾Đ¹ Ñ„Ñ€Đ°Đ³Đ¼ĐµĐ½Ñ‚ ÑĐ²Đ¾ĐµĐ¹ Đ¿ĐµÑĐ½Đ¸ и Đ¿Đ¾Đ¾Đ±ĐµÑ‰Đ°Đ»Đ¸ Đ² ÑĐºĐ¾Ñ€Đ¾Đ¼ Đ²Ñ€ĐµĐ¼ĐµĐ½Đ¸ Đ¿Ñ€ĐµĐ´ÑÑ‚Đ°Đ²Đ¸Ñ‚ÑŒ ÑĐ²Đ¾Đ¹ Đ¼ÑƒĐ·Ñ‹ĐºĐ°Đ»ÑŒĐ½Ñ‹Đ¹ Đ¼Đ°Ñ‚ĐµÑ€Đ¸Đ°Đ».


Đ¢Đ°Đ½ĐµÑ† - Đ½Đ°Ñˆ ÑĐ¿Đ¾ÑĐ¾Đ± Đ¾Đ±Ñ‰ĐµĐ½Đ¸Ñ ÑĐ¾ Đ·Ñ€Đ¸Ñ‚ĐµĐ»ĐµĐ¼. Đ˜Đ¼ĐµĐ½Đ½Đ¾ ÑÑ‚Đ¾ Đ²Ñ‹Đ´ĐµĐ»ÑĐµÑ‚ The Pussycat Dolls ÑÑ€ĐµĐ´Đ¸ Đ´Ñ€ÑƒĐ³Đ¸Ñ… Đ³Ñ€ÑƒĐ¿Đ¿.ĐĐ¸ĐºĐ¾Đ»ÑŒ Đ¨ĐµÑ€Đ·Đ¸Đ½Đ³ĐµÑ€


Đ§ÑŒĐ¸ Đ½Đ¾Đ²Đ¾ÑÑ‚Đ¸ Ñ‚ĐµĐ±Đµ Đ¸Đ½Ñ‚ĐµÑ€ĐµÑĐ½Ñ‹? (Đ²Ñ‹Đ±ĐµÑ€Đ¸ Đ»ÑŽĐ±Đ¾Đµ ĐºĐ¾Đ»Đ¸Ñ‡ĐµÑÑ‚Đ²Đ¾ Đ²Đ°Ñ€Đ¸Đ°Đ½Ñ‚Đ¾Đ²)


Loading ... Loading ... - Ñ„Đ°Đ½-ÑĐ°Đ¹Ñ‚ Đ”Đ¶ĐµÑÑĐ¸ĐºĐ¸ Đ¡Đ°Ñ‚Ñ‚Ñ‹

ĐœÑ‹ Đ’ĐšĐ¾Đ½Ñ‚Đ°ĐºÑ‚Đµ


Đ”Ñ€ÑƒĐ·ÑŒÑ | Friends

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Đ¤Đ°Đ½-ÑĐ°Đ¹Ñ‚ Đ¾ Đ·Đ°Đ¼ĐµÑ‡Đ°Ñ‚ĐµĐ»ÑŒĐ½Đ¾Đ¼ Đ¶ĐµĐ½ÑĐºĐ¾Đ¼ ĐºĐ¾Đ»Đ»ĐµĐºÑ‚Đ¸Đ²Đµ The Pussycat Dolls. Đ—Đ´ĐµÑÑŒ Đ’Đ°Ñ Đ²ÑĐµĐ³Đ´Đ° Đ¶Đ´ĐµÑ‚ ÑĐ°Đ¼Đ°Ñ ÑĐ²ĐµĐ¶Đ°Ñ Đ¸Đ½Ñ„Đ¾Ñ€Đ¼Đ°Ñ†Đ¸Ñ, Ñ„Đ¾Ñ‚Đ¾, Đ²Đ¸Đ´ĐµĐ¾, Đ°ÑƒĐ´Đ¸Đ¾ Đ¼Đ°Ñ‚ĐµÑ€Đ¸Đ°Đ»Ñ‹, Đ° Ñ‚Đ°ĐºĐ¶Đµ Ñ‚ĐµĐºÑÑ‚Ñ‹ Đ¿ĐµÑĐµĐ½ ĐºĐ¾Đ»Đ»ĐµĐºÑ‚Đ¸Đ²Đ°, Đ²ÑĐµÑ… ĐµĐ³Đ¾ ÑƒÑ‡Đ°ÑÑ‚Đ½Đ¸Ñ† и Đ¼Đ½Đ¾Đ³Đ¾Đµ Đ´Ñ€ÑƒĐ³Đ¾Đµ. ĐĐ¾Đ²Ñ‹Đµ Đ·Đ½Đ°ĐºĐ¾Đ¼ÑÑ‚Đ²Đ° и Đ¾Đ±Ñ‰ĐµĐ½Đ¸Đµ с ĐµĐ´Đ¸Đ½Đ¾Đ¼Ñ‹ÑˆĐ»ĐµĐ½Đ½Đ¸ĐºĐ°Đ¼Đ¸!



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